We arrived home this morning, from a little holiday, to what can only be described as an arctic freeze. What a difference!  Yesterday I was sitting by a pool listening to people complain about the ice in their drinks melting too fast.  One day and a 3 hour plane ride later and my perspective on “warmth” has changed.


My perspective on my need of internet was also challenged.  When we arrived at this beautiful location the first thing my mind went to, after settling into our room, was to figure out the wifi situation.  I was horrified to discover there was none.  NONE!  How was I going to check in with the church? How was I going to contact....???  How was I going to google....???  Yes, we went through a trial run of no internet before Christmas during Toronto’s ice storm, but this was different, I was on holiday...I needed internet.  

Or did I?

After one week of no internet (and a couple of withdrawal symptoms) I am happy to report that we survived.  It was actually wonderful.  I looked into my son’s eyes as we talked about our day in the sun.  Brian and I played cards, I read a book (a whole book!), we interacted with people and rediscovered something that has been slowly eroding away from our lives without our even noticing...good old fashion, face to face, eyeball to eyeball conversation.  I have missed it.  And my perspective changed.

What began as a inadequacy of the resort became a blessing.  It's all about perspective.  

That having been said since arriving home I have been like a junkie.  I just can’t seem to get enough of sitting here with my computer.  I am back to work and there is much to do. But every once in a while, as I fondly remember my time away... I smile at how great it was to be without for a while.   Perspective.

Speaking of perspective, you won’t want to miss this Sunday as Rev. Herb Gale from The Presbyterian Church in Canada will share with us his perspective on a very important spiritual matter.  I pray that we are challenged by his insight and that we may look at this important area with a new perspective.