Reflections of a Summer Youth Leader (guest blog by David Varga)

This is the fourth summer I’ve had the privilege of working on the Amberlea Summer Staff Team. This summer I was given the opportunity to lead the summer staff as we help to coordinate and execute the summer outreach programs including Breakfast Club, VBC, Musical Theatre and Youth events. 

We tend to underestimate the impact we can have on people and especially children and youth.

One of the amazing parts of the summer programs are the children we get to meet.  But, one of my greatest pleasures is getting to work with other young people who come and volunteer their time at any of the camps and at Breakfast Club.  We consider our summer ministry not just about ministry to children, but also to the youth in our community.  I have seen so much growth in the youth and how they explore God’s teachings!  I've also learned through this summer experience how important a good role model is for their growth.

The truth of “Monkey see, monkey do” is unbelievable, but also amazing. When the summer  staff team shows enthusiasm, then the volunteers and campers will follow, and seem to have more fun; when we’re slacking they quickly follow. When we show an excitement and hunger for Jesus, the kids WILL follow.

We have a responsibility to not be luke-warm Christians, because when we are luke-warm, others are watching and following.  How do they know that there is so much more?

 I and many others have the tendency to expect that others will do the work, so that we don’t have to, but that’s simply not true. We are called by God to spread His word, and spread His love. We all have been given a mission and that mission cannot be completed by anyone else, so it just won’t get done.

This entire summer, my personal theme has been, “how can I best show God’s love?” I’ve done this to challenge myself to think in a new perspective. Of course such a great task is difficult to follow at all times, but I want to challenge all of us as Christians to not rely on others to do the work that we are called to do.

Let’s be a role model to children and youth and other Christians. Make the impact that only you can make. This doesn’t necessarily mean going out and working at a children's summer camp; you can do God’s work wherever you are and you can make an impact. You are uniquely and specially created, and you are loved by God.

Paul wrote in a letter…