Let the little children come!


Summer is officially here.   The weather may not be cooperating but all other signs point to summer.  Exams are done.  Children are done school.  And we are gearing up for VBC!!!!

I love VBC.  Of all the “things” the church does I believe that running a Vacation Bible Camp is one of the most important.  A VBC has the opportunity to speak directly into the neighborhood we are situated in.  It is a tangible way to show the love of Christ to families in our midst. 

Do you remember the story in scripture when people were bringing their children to be blessed by Jesus and the disciples were shooing the little ones and their families away.  In Jesus’ day, children were not at all valued.  They were disposable, noisy and dirty, and the disciples were trying to keep them away from Jesus.  But Jesus said “No.  Let the children come to me” (Mark 10:14).   Jesus was a rebel and a revolutionary.  Not only was He a man embracing children, He saw the value in the littlest ones among us when no one else could or would.  He knew that their hearts and souls were just as important as any adult’s – but not only that, Jesus saw children as an example to each of us in how to attain the kingdom of heaven (Matthew 18:3).  

Children are our future and they are also our present.  They can teach us, even now, how to be completely open and vulnerable to Christ.  Their response to God is pure and uncomplicated.  

I am reminded of a ‘KidsZone Moment’ a few month ago when after I told my story I had the kids repeat a prayer after me.  One precious little one repeated earnestly each word I recited – and at the end of the prayer after all the others had finished praying, she belted out an “Amen” that was so loud, so full of emotion and sincerity it could have rivaled King David’s (Psalm 71:23)!  I was taught in that innocent, unrehearsed moment, how to praise.   

Next week we will have little children filling every available space in our church.  And whether we are parents or not we all understand the importance of welcoming children among us, as Jesus did.  As children and their caregivers come to VBC let us welcome our guests into God’s house – a place that is safe, friendly and embracing.

Let the children come!!    

Join us this Sunday as we sing praises to God, hear the Word of God and gather around the table.