.... coincidence? I think not.

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I love this quote, "coincidence is God's way of remaining anonymous".

Coincidence 1: the act or condition of coinciding

2: the occurrence of events that happen at the same time by accident but seem to have some connection; also: any of these occurrences

Fascinating word isn’t it?  A dear friend of mine who has been going through a difficult time shared with me a series of remarkable events that recently occurred. As her story came to a conclusion, she looked at me and said, “Wasn’t that a coincidence?”  I must have unwittingly made a response, because she immediately reacted by asking, “What? You don’t think it was a coincidence?”

“Call it whatever you want”, I replied. “But I call it God”.

I am sure you also can look at events in your life that have come together and label them as coincidences, just accidents that seem to have a connection.   But are they accidents?  If you are a believer, you probably see God at work in your life when events, timing and circumstances work out in a way unplanned by you.  Some call it coincidence; others call it the work of God.  

I don’t believe that where we find ourselves today is the result of coincidences or accidents.  I believe that in time as we reflect back we will see the hand of God at work. Coincidence… I think not!  

Would it change how you live if you knew that your life was not a series of accidents but, rather, full of purpose?  Would you live your life differently if you knew that God could use all the circumstances in your life to bring glory to Him? Would it change the way you thought about your life?   Would it change the way you lived?  

In whatever situation you find yourself in today trust that God has a hand in your life.  You are not wandering aimlessly in the desert.  There is a purpose and a destination.  Your job is to find it.