On the lookout!


God reveals Himself in often unusual ways, wouldn’t you agree?

I was having coffee with a friend the other day when my friend shared the most amazing story.  It was how God revealed Himself in the most unlikely of places, at the most unlikely of times and (my friend stated in reference to himself), “to the most unworthy of people”.  Isn’t that just like God?  When we are on the lookout (and even if we are not) we can see God moving in the most surprising, even outrageous ways!

Take a look at Luke 12:35-40.  Jesus tells the parable of the servant and the master.  We’re told that it’s better to be the kind of servant who is waiting and ready for their master’s return.  We are also told that the reward to the “watching” servant will be outrageous.  We are told that for the servants who are watching and ready the master will have them “recline at the table” and the master “will come and wait on them”.  

Imagine a master serving the servants.  Pretty outrageous isn’t it?

But that’s not the only outrageous way that God moves in scripture.  To win the battle of Jericho, Joshua had to organize a parade.  To cure the festering wounds of leprosy Naman had to take a dip in a muddy river.  To feed the thousands the disciples had to divvy up one small bag lunch.  Pretty outrageous.

God is moving even today in surprising and even outrageous ways.  Can you think of any outrageous or surprising ways God has moved (or is moving) in your life? I would love to hear your stories.  

God also moves in subtle understated ways – in the quietness of a spectacular sunset; in the sound of the ocean against the stones; or even in a baby’s first smile.

Jesus, the fulfillment of humankind’s deepest desires, was born in a lowly stable surrounded by animals and commoners.   Those who weren’t on the lookout missed it.  They didn’t take notice because on the surface it looked to plain and ordinary.  If we don’t watch for him in the subtle understated ways, we’ll miss Him too.

Are you on the lookout for God?  He is moving!  Like the parable, we are to be ready and watching for God.

There are “God moments” all around.  This week be on the lookout and seize them, embrace them and remember you are loved!

On the lookout!


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