Gardening with God

Spring is coming.... I just know it is!  


I heard a story about a man who loved gardening.   

He worked diligently and over the course of many weeks transformed an over grown plot of ground into a beautiful garden.  One afternoon as he was out watering his plants he met his friend who was passing by.  Pointing to a beautiful bed of flowers, he said, 

"Look at what I did here." 

His friend corrected him, "You mean, 'Look at what God and I did here.'" 

The gardener replied, 

"I guess you're right. But you should have seen the shape this plot was in when God was taking care of it alone.”

We might think this is cute, even funny but there is a great spiritual truth in the man’s response - we are co-workers with God and this applies to every area of life - including prayer!  As we journey to Easter,  we spoke last Sunday about the spiritual discipline of prayer.  In Matthew 6:8 Jesus tells us that the Father knows what we need before we ask.

So why pray?

The answer is simple and comforting...God loves you, God wants to hear from you and God has graciously chosen to give us the privilege of being partners in both the physical and spiritual areas of life.  If that is not incentive to pray, I don’t know what is!

Join us this Sunday as we continue our Lenten journey by looking at an individual in the bible named Caiaphas.  Through his actions we are reminded, that whether we think we've got it altogether or when life feels as though it is falling a part at the seams - God is in control.