It is so important to stop and remember!


Earlier this week Brian and I got away for a couple of days for a much needed reprise.  

Over a quiet dinner one night we began to reminisce..."Remember when Emily...? Remember when Tyler...? Remember when we....?"  It was so good to remember the good and not so good times and recognize how far we’ve come together.  It was also a reminder to us how faithful God has been through it all.   It is so important to stop and remember.

Taking time to remember is a wonderful, and I dare say necessary, thing.   We learn from our past, don't we?  What works and what doesn't and hopefully we gain insight from those experiences.

This week as Canadians don the red poppy, we remember.  We remember and honor all the soldiers who bravely sacrificed their lives in war for the sake of the peace and security that we enjoy in this country. Too often, we take these liberties for granted.  It is so important to stop and remember.

As I have been reflecting on Remembrance Day it struck me that Jesus declared a Remembrance Day for His disciples and trusted us to keep it – to remember Him until He comes back for us.  Check out 1 Cor.11:24-26.

It is so important to stop and remember.

For the Christian, Remembrance Day also presents a unique opportunity to remember the humble obedience and sacrificial love of Jesus, for you!