"Follow the light"



The room was dark as I sat nervously in the firm futuristic chair.  When she flicked on a switch the darkness was broken by an image of random letters that flashed up on the wall.  “Cover your right eye, Mrs. Scrivens” she said as she pointed to the wall “can you read any of the letters?”

R E V E 4

“Good, now how about this?” 


Good, now cover your left eye and read the next line, please.”


“Now, look directly at the light … good, and now follow the light please.  That’s it, follow the light.”

Follow the light.  Very profound words coming from my optometrist, don’t you think?

Jesus said “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life." (John 8:12)  

Jesus is the light of the world and promises to guide and direct us. Is it any wonder that the most obvious sign of guidance in the Christmas story is that of the star?  God provided a bright star in the sky that led the wise men to the place where Jesus was born. They had no idea where they were going but God, in God's faithfulness, guided. And the wise men faithfully followed the light.  


“Follow the light”.   


This Sunday is the first Sunday of Advent.  Advent marks a time of preparation, as we begin our journey to Christmas. It’s a time for us to prepare ourselves and reflect on our lives so that we can be ready to have Jesus come into our world.  I encourage you, as we embark on this typically frenetic time of year, to make time to be in God’s word; to talk with God about the desires of your heart; and to look critically at your life.  Rearrange some stuff if you need to and make room this advent for the arrival of the King.


As our journey to Christmas begins, let’s follow the light.  Let us, like the wise men all those years ago, follow the star – the bright light that breaks through the darkness of our lives.  As God faithfully guides and directs us, and as we in faith follow, we will at journey’s end find Jesus.