Ecclesia part-3

Last week we continued our series called Being Church:  how it all began.  Together, we were reminded the importance of ecclesia - a Greek word that means gathering or congregation.  The early church or ecclesia began as a movement around a very important historical event, the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ.  It is that simple truth that has fueled the church from its very onset.  We focused on Acts 5 and the courageous and daring attitude and actions of the apostles.  

Oh to be more like them!

This week we will conclude our series by looking at the very first church meeting and the conflict they dealt with.  If you have a chance, read ahead to the end of Acts 15. You may wonder how this original controversy could possibly be relevant today, but it is!  Be sure to join us on Sunday to find out how ;-)  

Let me give you a small hint:  We should not make it difficult for anyone to turn to God.  Acts 15:19

See you Sunday!