There's An APP For That - Part 2 March 9, 2014

Discussion questions: 

1. Think about a time when someone did you wrong.  How did you respond?  Are you prone to dreaming about the "perfect revenge encounter"?

2. Mona said that the person your grudge hurts most is you. Would you agree?  Have you experienced this? 

3. What does the cross have to do with our ability to forgive? How should this impact the way we live? 

4. Read Romans 12: 19-20.  Do you believe that God will avenge the wrong done to you? How does the thought of meeting your enemy's needs feel to you? 

5. Romans 12:21 says that we should overcome evil with good.  Do you believe this is possible?  What evidence do you have of this in your past?  How does this work?