There's an APP For That - Part 4 - Rest

Sorry, but a technical glitch with a storage device caused us to loose the great visual example where Mona and her volunteer ( Brian) demonstrated how we get overloaded as we go through life.   We pick up the sermon in progress. 


Discussion Questions

1.         What do you think about the quote "Rest, rest, shall I have not all eternity to rest"?

          Do you believe that today "rest" in undervalued?

2.         Do you believe that rest is important. If so how is it reflected in your life?

3.       Read I Kings 19: 1-9. How did God provide rest for Elijah?

4.       Read Matthew 14: 21-22. How does Jesus demonstrate the app of Rest?

5.         What were the three tips Mona mentioned to applying this app? Which one might you find most difficult? Why?


When you move at a sustainable pace your life moves to a better place. Is your current pace sustainable? How does a significant person in your life respond to that question about you?