Doubt Part 1 - Oct. 20, 2013

Do you remember the story of the disciples when they were in the boat?  If you recall, Jesus was on the mountainside praying and a huge storm came in.    

As the wind howled and the waves beat against the boat, Jesus came to them walking on the water.  We read that the disciples "were terrified” (Matthew 14: 22-33).  In the midst of the unknown, the uncertainty, the fear and the struggle, it is obvious by reading Matthew’s account that the disciples were not expecting what they saw.  In fact, because Jesus came in a way they didn’t expect, they almost missed seeing the answer to their prayers.

Maybe that is true for us as well, in the midst of our unknown, our uncertainty, our fear, and our struggle - and in the midst of our doubts - we need to look and listen closely or we may run the risk of making the same mistake.  

God is present, even in the midst of our doubt, if only we’ll look.  

"Where is God?"  He is closer than you think!