Being Grateful - Oct. 13, 2013

I love the story in the gospel of Luke where Jesus healed the 10 lepers because it’s a great reminder of the importance to take time to go back and give thanks.  

After Jesus heals the ten, Luke continues his description of the miracle by pointing out that only one of the ten came back to Jesus to say “Thank You.” Coming back is not popular.  The majority (ninety percent of the lepers) kept on going.  They were probably VERY grateful to Jesus for giving them their lives back.  They were just too busy moving forward to take a moment to look back and say thank you to the one who got them there.

I would like to think that I would be ONE that returns.  Wouldn’t you?  The one that falls at Jesus’ feet and says, “Thank You.”  But, like the nine lepers, I wonder if I would run off to hug my family first, or celebrate with my friends. I am sure like the nine I would tell anyone who would listen about Jesus and how He restored my life, but would I go back and thank Jesus first?  Would you?

We have all been so blessed.  A right attitude about what we’ve already received can produce unimaginable benefits in the future.  

Let’s be the one that comes back to Jesus’ feet this Thanksgiving (and every day) and say “Thank You.”  It will be worth the time it takes.