What to do…

Bring your donation of NEW socks to Amberlea. Walk to the front of the sanctuary (close to the cross). Place your warm sock donations in the boxes under the Christmas trees at Amberlea Presbyterian Church.

Kenora Fellowship Centre


Who are we working with?

The Kenora Fellowship Centre (KFC) also known as Anamiewigummig, or ‘House of Prayer’ (in the Ojibway language) has acted as a meeting place between First Nations peoples and newcomers in the Treaty #3 area in North-Western Ontario since 1964.

Started by the Presbyterian Church of Canada, KFC functions as a drop-in for those living on the street and those who are homeless. KFC is one of seven ministries with Indigenous people that the PCC "supports" through Presbyterian Sharing.

KFC is a place of community where the homeless can spend time in safety and comfort. It aims to restore respect, dignity, and self-esteem in culturally-appropriate ways.

Services offered include referrals for housing, jobs, and social assistance, as well as chaplaincy, ecumenical services, and traditional Ojibway customs to meet the spiritual needs of clients. KFC also gives people an address to allow them to receive mail and helps them to obtain a health card, status card, or bank account.


Dedication 6-jan-2019 11:00 AM

On January 6th, at our regular Sunday worship service, Amberlea will dedicate the heap of socks with prayer and package the donations for transport to Kenora.