You have executed a function that accesses information internal to the administration of Amberlea Presbyterian Church.

The authorization process matches your role to the data required to perform that role.  This ensures that you access the correct data, and no data that you don't need.


Amberlea uses Google security. Your google userid is also an email address... generally a Gmail address. 


In order to continue executing the task you have requested, follow these steps:

  1. LOGIN:  If you are not already logged into your google account, you will receive a prompt to login. The login prompt is provided by Google, and fully secured. Amberlea does NOT see or manage your password.

    If you have any problems with logging in, follow Google's password reset process.
  2. GRANT ACCESS:  We need to see your email address in order to match you to your role and the access you need to internal Amberlea data.
  3. REQUEST AMBERLEA MATCH YOU TO A ROLE:  If you get an "authorized denied" message and feel you should have access, contact website support.