Celebrating New Life


Everyday, when I go to my refrigerator I am reminded of new life.  You, like me, might have pictures and magnets that cover the front of your fridge doors.  We have several pictures of loved ones, a few poignant cartoons, and at the top left hand corner in a magnetic frame is an ancient photograph of Brian and me.  In this photo I am visibly pregnant and it is, to me, a reminder of new life.  Right beside the photo is a very special magnet, a butterfly, another reminder of new life.  Actually, it is a reminder of Easter. 

Every Easter, as millions of consumers rush to purchase chocolates and bunnies, my sights turn to the butterfly.  It’s not just a beautiful creature that reminds me of warm sunny days and beautiful bright flowers but it is a powerful image of death and resurrection.  

The life cycle of the butterfly is quite something.  A caterpillar enters the darkness of the cocoon and then is transformed into a beautiful living thing of the light.   I think that the death and resurrection of Jesus was like this.  Take a look at John’s account and read how Jesus entered into the darkness of death when he was brutally killed and then three days later he was raised from the dead – the Light of the World.

We may never be able to explain how this happened, certainly not as easily as we can explain how the chrysalis becomes the butterfly.  However, what is important for us to remember is that this miracle by God created a beautiful thing for you and for me.  Through this miracle we were given forgiveness and new life.

This week is Holy Week.  I pray that as you enter into the word of God, as you take part in the services at Amberlea, or even when you look at your refrigerator door, you will encounter the Risen Christ in a new and powerful way.  May you be reminded of His extraordinary love for you in the simple uncomplicated things of life – like a picture or magnet – and may you feel His Love!  

Happy and Holy Easter!

We invite you to take part in all of the Easter celebrations happening at Amberlea this week.

On Thursday we celebrate Maundy Thursday.  We are excited to welcome Jenya Drazman from CJM to lead us in a demonstration of a Seder Meal.   Together we will have the opportunity to learn the significance of the Lord's Supper.  Join us at 7 pm in the Fellowship Hall.  

 On Friday, Good Friday, we will gather at 11 am to remember.   We will focus on the Cross and the ultimate sacrifice made for us.

Then we really celebrate on Easter Sunday, Resurrection Sunday!  We begin with breakfast at 9 am.    Easter Sunday Worship Service begins at 11 am at this service will be welcoming our New Members!   We also have some special things planned for the children beginning at 10:20 am.  They and you will not want to miss it!